Hello Everyone! Wow it has been almost 8 months since my last post so this one is definitely needed.  I'm excited and pleased to share with you my new place of retreat and relaxation.  I won't bore you with to many details but I'd like to share photos of why I am so excited, so here you go.  

This is the view from the hallway into my newly designed craft room. It measures 18 x 20.

In the center I have my craft table that is approximately 6.5' x 4.5' It seats four ( 2 per side) and has shelving on each end. On one side I currently have wooden stamps and a few punches but this is only temporary.

From this angle you can see the opposite end of my craft table where I store most of my spooled ribbon. You can also see the seating area although my chairs had not arrived when this photo was taken so I am using stools from the Butler's Pantry (with DIL permission).  Each side also has four drawers for the most used items. This works well when I have a class or have friends over to craft with me.

I tried to organize my space into different zones or areas. In some cases it worked well and in others not so much.

This photo is of my storage for dies, clear stamps and embossing folders. On the top I keep my dies in the frig bins separated by category and company. Ninety percent of my dies are from one company so that was easy. If a die has a stamp I stored it with the stamps.

The stamps are in the drawers and they are stored by company by category. At the moment I am not sure if I will eventually change it to just category but for now my brain thinks of the company and then of the stamp. One drawer is dedicated to StampinUp, another drawer is all about Stampendous and Tim Holtz. There is a drawer for my storage supplies and then my embossing folders have a drawer.

I dedicated the wall with the window as my cut, print and press area. I keep my printers there and everything else within close proximity.

Of course the doors and drawers I use for supplies, extra machines and stuff I need but seldom use (ya'll know what I mean)

On the wall I have my sprays and other little things that I had no where else to store.

I was real excited to have a sink included this time so it made sense to make this area my mixed media storage as well as stuff that we tend to purchase for a project and then never use again for months.

It also gave me ways to store my many brushes and since there is a coffee bar in my new space I keep my cleaning supplies in this area as well.  Oh BTW that is indeed an ice maker sitting there. I have a dorm fridge but it doesn't make ice.

This area is mostly for items required when working with vinyl or sublimation.

I keep cutting mats, heat press mats and vinyl that come in boxes in these drawers. From the Cricut Joy, Infusible Ink Sheets, Laminate and any other thing I can use with Cricut is in this area.

It is also a flow over for my markers and Tim Holtz steel reel dies.
I just wanted to share this Billy Bookcase with glass doors. It was perfect to keep my Cricut machines, Brother, Easy Presses, Minc etc.

They are right there whenever I need them and the counter is just to the right ready with outlets so I can plug right in.

Although I do have dust covers for my machine keeping them behind doors but visible just made me happy.
This DreamBox took me on an adventure I never want to travel again.  From the moment I ordered it the process was nothing less than frustrating and nerve wrecking. By the time it arrived I no longer wanted it, tried to sell it tried to use it in the garage... I mean I was ready to send this thing to H***!

It was the worse retail experience I have ever encountered but in the end my son and DIL made it useable for me. So I store all my embellishments in this unit which allowed me to get rid of a lot of plastic bins and baskets.

Finally, I have what I refer to as my supply, ink and paper area. My Kallax unit was designed to hold my Distress/Oxide Inks.  I also store my mini ink cube for various brands in this unit.

My daily supplies and tools are kept here as well with easy access. I have a few border punches here and Anna Griffin products are kept here as well.

All paper, cardstock, kits and paper pads are stored and kept here. I do have a few drawers for those once or twice projects that I might try here and there. 

Anything I create for craft shows or by request are stored in the additional drawers.

Well there you have it. My newly designed craftroom.  Let me know what you think and visit me on Facebook and of course check out my website at to see what I create. 

Until next remember to
 "find beauty in all things and create something new"
Sending hugs and kisses from Texas

Happy Place Under Construction

 It has truly been a while since I last posted but life has been throwing me curve balls for the past year and I could not get a break until now.  Major events occurred while normal life continued and it was just hard. I sold my home of 23 years and moved in with my son and his wife. This was a medical choice and not one of my own and yet I was determined to be happy and look at it with optimistic views.  It has been difficult giving up so much... I felt like there had been a death in my life and the grieving was real (still not sure if I'm over it).

Anyway on the plus side of things I get to see and interact with my grandkids as they grow into young adults. Additionally, I no longer have to maintain a home at my age with my less than good health. As I always say "when life shows you the negative side of the coin, flip it to the other side".

So now that I've flipped the coin I have an opportunity to create a new craft space that I can decorate and configure to my liking. It has taken months just to get the blueprint but finally the ground was broken and the construction has begun.

First they had to remove a lot of bushes and small trees to make room for the gravel and the concrete to be poured.

My role was to keep our very nosey dogs from leaving prints all in the concrete as it cured. A job I did very well.

Then we could prepare what came next.

The framing of the structure was the next phase.  I was learning a lot watching this process and boy does the administrative piece take a lot longer than the actual process does.

It really started to take shape when they added the windows and doors.

My excitement began to build and I could see the end product coming to life.

It was almost time to add the siding, electricity and network and once that was done I could start the shopping process for the interior materials.

It is being built with a full size bedroom, closet, a kitchenette as well as a full size bathroom.

Everything I could possibly need will be right there at hand so even if I craft into the night I can sleep peacefully and have all the midnight snacks I desire.

This was the best part of the move for me... getting a craft room that is a really nice size and a space that is truly my own.  Being close to family and grandkids but having a retreat less than 20 feet away when I need my peace and quiet.

Anyway as time goes on and the craftroom/casita/guest house takes shape I will try to remember to post and take you on this journey with me.

So that's all I have for now.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing this journey with me.  I hope you'll come back real soon.

Sending hugs and kisses

Halloween Is Coming

 Hello!!! Long time no post I know. Life has been full of changes, adjustments and finding time to get back into the swing of things.  My mojo disappeared for a while and then it came back but only for a moment.  I am hoping that with this post I will be headed back in the right direction with my crafting.  I am still trying to sort and organize since my move but there is only so much I can do.

But now moving forward with my post.  I have tried to get back to coloring and creating things to share with everyone.  Today I have a cute Halloween card using a digi image from Mo Manning and coloring using my copics.  It has been a while so please be gentle with me.

The image used is from Mo Manning Digital Pencil "Bat Cat" and it was colored with the following Copic Markers:

AG3, V22, V25, V19

Y21, Y19, Y17, YR07, YR09

C0, C1, C3, C5

The patterned paper is from Graphic 45 "An Erie Tale" and the cardstock is from my paper stash.

Although it seems like ages since I participated in a challenge, I would like to enter the following challenges:

Dream Valley Challenge #255 - 2 or more Patterned Paper

Crafting Happiness Challenge #114 - Anything Goes

A Place to Start Challenge #9 - Pattern Paper Please

Well guys this is all for this post.  Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will come again soon.  Until then:

Be Safe, Stay Healthy and Craft Happy

Sending Hugs and Kisses from Texas


New Chapter in Life

 Hello Everyone

Yep I've been slacking in posting and keeping my blog updated and I do apologize to any of you that continue to follow me. Your loyalty will be rewarded once things have settled to somewhat of a normal environment for me. 

The biggest change for me is preparing for a move! I am leaving behind what was my home for 19.9 years and in doing so I am required to truly downsize because I am going to be living with my son and daughter until my 1 bedroom cottage is built on their property. I will have full access to the common areas of course and I am connected to the main house via a hallway. This is good because I can retreat to my enormous craft room (18' x 20' is enormous to me) and have total peace and quiet. 

They are also including a bathroom with a jetted shower and space for a wheelchair. I can hardly wait to be pampered... this helps me get through the sacrifice of letting go of so many things I held dear, but I can't keep it all so I have to pick and choose.

Here are a few photos of what will soon be my new home

I am in love with the landscaping and my DIL is great with keeping things neat and colorful. There are a few more trees closer further from the house that is surrounded with beautiful blooms.

I do believe this kitchen was designed for a true chef (which I am not) but I can see myself pretending and finding new recipes to try while at home during the day with just me and the fur babies.

Perfect place for family movie night or just to relax and enjoy the grandkids. The best part is knowing that when I tire of the events or prefer to watch a different show I can go to my side of the house and relax in my own little sitting area and watch my shows or sit on the patio and do the same before ending the day.

My cottage is going to take six months so until then it will be difficult for me to craft although my son has given up his office space so that I will have a temporary place for crafting and I am utilizing their guest bedroom as both my bed/sitting area.

A good thing about this bittersweet moment is I will have the chance to create memories with my grandkids and will be closer to the rest of the family and for those not in TX I will have the freedom to visit whenever I choose.

So that's it for this post. Hopefully my next post will be geared toward crafting and my newest toys and what I hope to do with them. I might even try the challenge scene again.. I just have to see exactly how much time I will have on my hands.

Before I leave I would like to ask you to visit my website "Mema's Crafts"  and subscribe even if you don't purchase anything. 

As always thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!


Writing Pretty

 Its 2021 and Spring has arrived! After the year we've had its good to see something beautiful and full of hope such as the budding of the trees and flowers. I think back to before cell phones and text messages when we would write notes to those we cared for or notes to remind us of events and such. I created what I call my "Writing Pretty" series where I take the everyday paper pad and give it a makeover so that we might want to write again or just make a list of things.

From the list pad that hangs on your refrigerator to the memo pad we carry in our purse, we can make it a statement to those that get a chance to see it. The series is a forever growing series that goes into the office meeting or just to spruce up your work area whether its at a building or in your home. I will start with the simplest of ways to make writing pretty even if our penmanship isn't the best, it won't be noticed but the holder of the pad will be.

This boutique style book holds one 3x8 memo pad perfect for capturing those notes while on the phone or jotting down thoughts as they happen.

The refrigerator pad is not only "stinkin' cute" it is refillable as well. I am so proud of this new series of mine and just wanted to share with my crafting family although it isn't a card :)

Now on to the supplies I used.  I used medium weight chipboard along with designer cardstock from Prima (love their paper) to create each item. I then added simple embellishments to add a little pop to each piece. Not shown in this photo are the metal pieces I added to the belly band and top of the list pad to tie it in with the pieces I have on the memo booklet.

It didn't take very long to make and very little supplies was used in the process. If you'd like to see more of this type of crafting please let know and if you see something you like you can always purchase by visiting my online store.

Thanks for stopping by
Remember to Stay Healthy, Be Safe and Craft Happy
Sending Hugs from Texas

Relax Relate Release

 As Winter approaches my mind drifts to how nice a warm bath or soak would feel especially with a bit of jazz gently playing. What could be better than that with a glass of wine or your preference... well why not fill your sense of smell with the aroma of lavender or honeysuckle.

These little jars are filled with a delicious fragrance that you will not forget, a fragrance that allows you to simply "Relax, Relate and Release" all your troubles of the day.  

Allowing yourself only one hour a day to forget and relax is made easier when all your senses are for the ears, wine for tasting, warmth for touch, soft glow of candles for sight and at last a hint in the air of lavender or honeysuckle to delight your sense of smell.

I want to share with you a DIY project that I think are just delightful. These small cuties are perfect for a Secret Santa gift, party favor or you could change the paper and greeting to make it a gift perfect  for any reason or season. I think this DIY project turned out pretty good. What are your thoughts?

The lidded boxes were made using standard designer paper or cardstock inspired by a tutorial from "Pootles Papercrafts" 

The small jars were in my stash (doing nothing) and the mini scoopers I found on Amazon. This idea was inspired by the "Posh Paper Lady" whom I watch faithfully every morning. If you're looking for upscale crafting projects or in need of new ideas go check her out.. she is truly amazing in her creativity.

Well my crafting friends, I hope this post has inspired you or perhaps made you smile.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you visit again.

Sending hugs from Texas
Mema's Crafts

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