Craft Fair Adventure

Hello Everyone! Hope you all celebrated Independence Day with a big bang and had fun with it.  Whew, where have I been, well let me think for a minute.  First of all I did a 19 hour road trip with my son and his family that included 3 of my grand babies under the age of 10 (yep I was brave) and discovered that Alleve and Tyenol were my best friend.  It was fun and we faced this adventure because another grandson needed our expertise setting up his dorm room at the University of California Riverside where he will be attending on a full scholarship.  Yeah Q (short for Quinton)!

After only two days we started the 19 hour return.  I was extremely tired at the end of the day but had a craft fair scheduled so no time to take a break. In the last three months I have attended 6 craft shows and they all required driving at least 2.5 hours to reach the site, and then setup, sell and tear down. I repeated this so many times that I finally took a 4th of July break and had time to play in my craft-room.

Before I share my creation I want to announce just in case you aren't aware I recently opened an online store so drop in for a visit.  It isn't fully stocked but there is enough inventory to get me started on my journey.  Here is the URL or just click the tab at the top of this page.

Now on to my creations.  I've been doing well at the craft shows and still discovering what people are looking for and one thing is boxed card sets. With this in mind I began my creations.

My first boxed set consist of 6 cards with three different greetings and various colors. The cards are slightly larger than the standard A2 size card so I had to make my own chipboard box which isn't shown here.

My next set will be the most popular "Thank You" card, and then perhaps something for baby.  Once I get it all figured out and snatch another week away from craft shows I will share with everyone.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sending hugs from Texas
Be Safe, Stay Healthy and Create Stuff 

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