Excitement In My House

There is excitement in my house at the moment because (wait for it)...I am now the proud owner of a "Pazzle Inspiration Creative Cutter" and I have no clue as of yet on what to do with it, but according to the reviews it is a product worth having.

If you've been looking at them, then I will tell you that they have three options going on in an attempt to make them more affordable and maybe one of the options will fit your needs. I got that thing home and was rather intimidated by the size of it and all I could think of was...another machine for me to learn..so I didn't open it up right away, instead I found it a spot in my closet to call home for awhile right next to my Grand Calibur I got for Mother's Day and have yet to play with it. (its just me)

Then while surfing the net I discovered this card that was just to cool, so I wrote the designer and asked if they used a template or tutorial or anything and they responded with an SVG file. Now I consider myself to be pretty intelligent when it comes to computer applications and files, but this file was new to me, so of course I began to research its orgin and discovered that I had the machine required to use it. So now the machine finally comes out of the closet and into the middle of my craftroom. I actually opened the box and peeked inside...such a pretty silver and blue color. I grabbed the manuals and the book of ideas and shoved the box to the side (the machine still in the box).

It took me two days to finally decide that I was going to at least set it up and install the software. Everything went smoothly and I even created a little project to cut out and show to my BFF (Joyce). So here we go, the needle is in, I've followed all the directions and things look great. I push the cut button and "ta-da" there's tranferring of bits and bytes between my machine and my computer, and suddenly the needle on the machine is gliding across the belt making one heck of a noise, but not as loud as the "Imagine" machine when it cuts (that machine's noise level is horrible!).

As I watched the machine do its thing, I noticed and thought to myself...something isn't right about this, and I was so right.  The doggone needle wasn't touching the paper so time to start again and retry.  I removed the needle holder, re-read the instructions and tried again and again it failed so of course I called the technical support folks.  The minute I told them what was happening, they knew exactly what to do (which was odd to me).  It seems this particular problem existed within the machine but wasn't discovered until after several irrate customers called to complain.  An update was put on their website for download, and while that help to some degree it did not completely resolve the issue I was having.  The next was to allow Pazzle access to my system so they could remotely correct my problem which had to do with the pressure max settings inside the machine.

Well at first, I thought it was pretty cool how they could just tap into your system and manipulate your files...control your PC, but then I thought of what that meant was possible...what could Uncle Sam could do to our lives...Ummm...look at the fact that cameras are going up everywhere so just how much longer will it be before our government takes control on our lives, could they tap into our minds and change the way we think....what if they could...wait just a darn minute... I'm sounding a bit paranoid...heh heh, got lost for a minute, but I'm saying it is something to think about.  Anyway back to my point.  It didn't take those Pazzle folks long to finish working their magic and then I was up to the plate to run my test and see how they scored. Well I cut my project and "Score" everything worked the way you should have!

How wonderful to have something work correctly the first time and in less than a couple of hours.  I could have kissed the person on the other end of the screen but I think it was a female so a hug would've been all she got from me (smiles).

Now that my machine is working correctly, you would think that my excitement would have up all night playing with my new toy, but that was not the case.  It seems I was more interested in watching NCIS reruns..so the machine was unplugged and repacked back into its box.  As I looked around I captured a few things of interest that i decided to write down so I could remember what I needed my boys to do the next time they visited.  Will I rearrange things in my craftroom, will I move some unwanted things out or will I simply knock down a wall and extend my craftroom into the adjoining bedroom???  Decisions, decisions.  I need more space for my stuff. 

Well at the moment all my neat machines are safely stored, and I can get back to creating cards using what I use most...paper.  Speaking of paper, if you like Graphic 45, they have a new paper pack that is gorgeous "diary of a lady".  Amazon.com has it should you want it.

Well my lovely followers, its time to end this post and check out the entries in my blog challenge.  I hope you've joined in the fun, but if not you still have lots of time to do so.  Until you do...remember to "find beauty in all things and then go create your own."

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