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Hi Everyone, Mema here with a card for you. I created my first version of this card last year, and since then I have gotten a couple of request to create a tutorial.  This design and tutorial was created by Camilla Bakke  and all I did was try to convert it from centimeters to inches.  This year I have created this card for a co-worker to give her dad who's birthday actually falls on Father's Day, so to knock out two birds with one stone I am creating this card for her.  You will see how this card is perfect for a dual occasion in a moment.

Warning: Because I have added the tutorial this may be a rather long post so be prepared.   Here is a look at my card.

I used paper from a DCWV paper pack and Recollections cardstock.  They had the packs on sale at Joanne's so I picked up a few packs.  The 3-D tree I added to give it a bit of depth and my co-worker enjoys being able to feel the elements. I used Martha Steward punch to add a border and a couple of brads I colored with copic markers finishes the front of the card.
The inside of the card has two pockets that allows you many options.  Money  or gift card in one of the pockets and your personal message in the other pocket.  Since this is going to be for two occasions I decided to put a Father's Day greeting in one pocket and the birthday message in the other pocket.  Additionally there is a smaller pocket that holds a notecard for my co-worker to write her personal message on. 

Lastly, here is a photo of the card inside with the messge tags showing for a better look.  I hope this will inspire you to try it out.  I've included the tutorial on this post but you can find the original tutorial by clicking on Tutorials on my menu bar above.

Camilla's Tutorial Follows:

1.       Start with a sheet of cardstock 12 x 12 (30cm x 30cm)

2.       Fold in half on both sides to create four sections 6 x 6 (15cm x 15cm)

3.       Then cut it in half but stop in the middle as shown in the photo
4.   Next cut off a part of that section.  I cut off 2.75 so that my pocket is 3.25 tall (the more you cut off the smaller your pocket). See photo.
5.  For added decoration use a punch of your choice and punch around the edge of the pocket that is left. (the photo shows a Martha Stewart border punch being used)
6.  Now for the next pocket cut about 2 inches (3cm) leaving about 4 inches (12 cm), then measure and mark at at angle or 6 cm.
(You will be cutting this at somewhat of an angle as shown in the next photo.)

7.       Fold the pockets up and your card should look like the one in the photo when it is open.
8.       Now to decorate. Cut your CS so that it measures 1/4 less than the size of the side of your card
9.       So if your card side is 6 x 6 then you would cut your next layer at 5.75 x 5.75
10.  Then your Designer Paper (DP) or top layer would be cut at 5.5 x 5.5
11.  Ink all your edges  Now adhere all your layers together (if you plan to sew around your edges do NOT add glue to your edge! Just tape the pieces to hold them in place until after you sew them.  If you do not plan to sew then use adhesive on the edges)
12. Here is a peek at the finished inside…isn’t it gorgeous.
 Decorate the front of your card and glue all the parts together
Add your image or sentiment and any embellishments to make your card stand out and you are complete!
Thanks to Camilla for this wonderful tutorial.  Have fun with it!
Remember..."find beauty in all things and then go create your own"
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Joyce Owens said...

Very nice card Lesi. I'll have to try the tutorial.

Sheila H said...

Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful card and tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Wauw, it looks like so much more then a card, like an album thingy (I don't know the English word for it) - something you store pieces of paper in which you want to save.

The tree looks great, and I love the stamp of the watch!
I might try this out sometime - though I prefer centimeters to inches (I'm Dutch) so I'll head over to Camilla's tutorial :)

I've been absent from crafting / reading blogs due to busy life (and being tired because of pregnancy) and only became interested/energized enough to craft and read blogs a few days ago, and this is just very inspiring... I'm off to my dining.. eh crafting table!
Thanks! :)

Chocolate Purples said...

Thank you for sharing this. I can't wait to make one.

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