Writing Pretty

 Its 2021 and Spring has arrived! After the year we've had its good to see something beautiful and full of hope such as the budding of the trees and flowers. I think back to before cell phones and text messages when we would write notes to those we cared for or notes to remind us of events and such. I created what I call my "Writing Pretty" series where I take the everyday paper pad and give it a makeover so that we might want to write again or just make a list of things.

From the list pad that hangs on your refrigerator to the memo pad we carry in our purse, we can make it a statement to those that get a chance to see it. The series is a forever growing series that goes into the office meeting or just to spruce up your work area whether its at a building or in your home. I will start with the simplest of ways to make writing pretty even if our penmanship isn't the best, it won't be noticed but the holder of the pad will be.

This boutique style book holds one 3x8 memo pad perfect for capturing those notes while on the phone or jotting down thoughts as they happen.

The refrigerator pad is not only "stinkin' cute" it is refillable as well. I am so proud of this new series of mine and just wanted to share with my crafting family although it isn't a card :)

Now on to the supplies I used.  I used medium weight chipboard along with designer cardstock from Prima (love their paper) to create each item. I then added simple embellishments to add a little pop to each piece. Not shown in this photo are the metal pieces I added to the belly band and top of the list pad to tie it in with the pieces I have on the memo booklet.

It didn't take very long to make and very little supplies was used in the process. If you'd like to see more of this type of crafting please let know and if you see something you like you can always purchase by visiting my online store.

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Remember to Stay Healthy, Be Safe and Craft Happy
Sending Hugs from Texas

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