Relax Relate Release

 As Winter approaches my mind drifts to how nice a warm bath or soak would feel especially with a bit of jazz gently playing. What could be better than that with a glass of wine or your preference... well why not fill your sense of smell with the aroma of lavender or honeysuckle.

These little jars are filled with a delicious fragrance that you will not forget, a fragrance that allows you to simply "Relax, Relate and Release" all your troubles of the day.  

Allowing yourself only one hour a day to forget and relax is made easier when all your senses are for the ears, wine for tasting, warmth for touch, soft glow of candles for sight and at last a hint in the air of lavender or honeysuckle to delight your sense of smell.

I want to share with you a DIY project that I think are just delightful. These small cuties are perfect for a Secret Santa gift, party favor or you could change the paper and greeting to make it a gift perfect  for any reason or season. I think this DIY project turned out pretty good. What are your thoughts?

The lidded boxes were made using standard designer paper or cardstock inspired by a tutorial from "Pootles Papercrafts" 

The small jars were in my stash (doing nothing) and the mini scoopers I found on Amazon. This idea was inspired by the "Posh Paper Lady" whom I watch faithfully every morning. If you're looking for upscale crafting projects or in need of new ideas go check her out.. she is truly amazing in her creativity.

Well my crafting friends, I hope this post has inspired you or perhaps made you smile.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you visit again.

Sending hugs from Texas
Mema's Crafts

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