New Chapter in Life

 Hello Everyone

Yep I've been slacking in posting and keeping my blog updated and I do apologize to any of you that continue to follow me. Your loyalty will be rewarded once things have settled to somewhat of a normal environment for me. 

The biggest change for me is preparing for a move! I am leaving behind what was my home for 19.9 years and in doing so I am required to truly downsize because I am going to be living with my son and daughter until my 1 bedroom cottage is built on their property. I will have full access to the common areas of course and I am connected to the main house via a hallway. This is good because I can retreat to my enormous craft room (18' x 20' is enormous to me) and have total peace and quiet. 

They are also including a bathroom with a jetted shower and space for a wheelchair. I can hardly wait to be pampered... this helps me get through the sacrifice of letting go of so many things I held dear, but I can't keep it all so I have to pick and choose.

Here are a few photos of what will soon be my new home

I am in love with the landscaping and my DIL is great with keeping things neat and colorful. There are a few more trees closer further from the house that is surrounded with beautiful blooms.

I do believe this kitchen was designed for a true chef (which I am not) but I can see myself pretending and finding new recipes to try while at home during the day with just me and the fur babies.

Perfect place for family movie night or just to relax and enjoy the grandkids. The best part is knowing that when I tire of the events or prefer to watch a different show I can go to my side of the house and relax in my own little sitting area and watch my shows or sit on the patio and do the same before ending the day.

My cottage is going to take six months so until then it will be difficult for me to craft although my son has given up his office space so that I will have a temporary place for crafting and I am utilizing their guest bedroom as both my bed/sitting area.

A good thing about this bittersweet moment is I will have the chance to create memories with my grandkids and will be closer to the rest of the family and for those not in TX I will have the freedom to visit whenever I choose.

So that's it for this post. Hopefully my next post will be geared toward crafting and my newest toys and what I hope to do with them. I might even try the challenge scene again.. I just have to see exactly how much time I will have on my hands.

Before I leave I would like to ask you to visit my website "Mema's Crafts"  and subscribe even if you don't purchase anything. 

As always thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!



Janette said...

I hope you find peace and much happiness when you get into your cottage, enjoy.xx

kiwimeskreations said...

Hi Meme - so good to 'see' you again - and hear your news. It's not easy to downsize, but it will be worth it!!
I am half way through the same process - I sold my home late last year, and am currently renting until the "Queen's suite" at my daughter's home is completed... I too will be private, but easily able access the rest of the house.
Stay safe

kjb said...

All the best and enjoy your new home and time with family.

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