It is always difficult to buy or create a sympathy card for someone, but it is something we will eventually be confronted with if we haven't already. Regardless of the number of times, you are faced with the loss of a loved one of yourself or someone else it simply doesn't get any easier. Each incident is as painful as the one before it.

For this reason, this post will be short but I hope that I can encourage you to take time now and prepare for that moment when you may need to offer comfort to someone.  

I have created a sympathy card with an envelope in hopes that it will somehow inspire you to create a few to just have on never know when you might get that call when a friend asks you to make one for them or you need to send one yourself.  You cannot plan for this type of event but you can prepare.

Here is the card I created when I received the call that asked if I could make one for a special lady that was grieving from a loss.  I wasn't ready then, but I am now.

Like I promised this post is short and promised.  Your thoughts on anything that I've said or comments about the card is welcomed.

Thanks for stopping by, and until next time
Be Safe, Stay Healthy, and Craft Happiness
Sending hugs from Texas


Maxine D said...

Oh Lesia what a beautiful card - thank you for reminding me I have that folder, and it makes such a subtle focal point for this stunningly elegant card

Lois Wyche said...

Your positive post is the way I think. Have it done before the initial time especially sympathy cards. This is an amazingly beautiful card.

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