The Two J's

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I'm still altering items and I have discovered that altering letters is something I totally enjoy doing so when I was asked to alter some letters for a co-worker of a friend of mine I was more than thrilled.

And to make it even better the daughters of the recipient of the letters was so impressed they asked their mom to get them an initial as well to match their rooms.

So of course I jumped at the opportunity to alter a couple of J's for her two girls; Juliana and JoAnna (JuJu and JoJo).  Given the color them and the girls ages I set off to create two letters ready to adorn a shelf or hang on a wall.

Although they did not turn out the way I had planned when I first started, I do believe they turned out exactly the way they should.  They represent the personality of the girls perfectly.

Lots of color and fun for colorful personalities.

The first one was focused on shades of purple with teal accents.  I added pearls because she is such a lady and the phone represents her being at the start of her tween years with popularity measured by number of calls you get. Dangling down the side is a couple of pearls and charms again for this growing diva.  I think the paper is K&Company and the flowers are all Recollections.

On this one I'm sure you can tell what the focus colors are; Black and Green.  For this little one I had to add lots of lace, bling, ribbon and anything girly.  She's only 4 but she knows what she likes and for this J her simple words and this is a quote "Its Amazing" so that means she liked it.  Just look at the grin on this little one:

So when you get photos with words of praise from someone so young then you can be sure that you did a job well done.

I adhere the letters to a base if I am doing initials where one of the letters have a curved base and to hang them on the wall I add a picture hanger (paper mache) or loop a ribbon on the back for chipboard or wood letters.

Well the little people have given me their thoughts but now its your turn to leave me your comments and thoughts.  And if you have any suggestions or ideas on how to display these letters let me know.

Mema's Crafts is looking for a few designers to join her team in 2015.  There are no strict rules and you are allowed to have fun.


Maxine D said...

Oh Lesia - these are beautiful - I do love how they are both so different, and so appreciated by the recipients :-).

Cara Malmrose said...

How fun these are!

vinita jain said...

Love these mono graphic letters creation. Both are so different and beautiful!!

Dr Sonia S V said...

WOW such beautiful "J" the purple one Especially
Dr Sonia
Cards Crafts Kids Projects

Pumpy said...

Beautiful J's

Papercrafting Princess said...

Gorgeous details!

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