Couture Style

Hi everyone, hope the goblins didn't eat anyone out of house and home (smiles).

I have gotten into altering things.  This includes boxes of all shapes, sizes and purpose.  Everywhere I look I can find things that need to be altered or given a face-lift as I like to call it.

I have acquired quite a collection and I continue to put things to the side for a rainy day.  Well it finally did rain a bit this week so I decided to work on one of my projects which happen to be another cigar box.

This one was unique in that it was already black.  I got from our local smoke shop for $3.  Perfect condition without the wood or cigar smell you sometimes find with these boxes.  What a treasure find this was for me and I think after its face-lift is complete it will be the perfect treasure or trinket box for someone else.

This is how a black cigar box starts out once the cigars are removed and placed in a humidor. 

Here is how it appears after getting a face-lift courtesy
of Graphic 45 Couture Collection and a whole lot of 
love and attention.

Both sides are wrapped with velvet ribbon and centered with a metal medallion for no other reason than it was cute.

A front shot of the inside that was once a tannish brown almost raw wood.

Lastly I thought I would give a quick view of the before and after together.

This is a unique one item only that is up for sale should you desire to have it as your own.

If you would like to purchase it click the Buy Now button below to be taken to Paypal where you can make your purchase.

This item has sold!


Beebeebabs said...

Very nice project as always!!!

Dawn Lancaster said...

A gorgeous project! I love all the little details you've added!
Dawn xx

Papercrafting Princess said...

Oh la la! It's gorgeous!!!

Maxine D said...

What an amazing transformation Lesia - it is beautiful!!

Diane said...

What a Beautifully Wonderful face lift for this box. Fabulous!

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