A Stinky Mess!

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Boy I have a story to tell, but hold your nose because it is indeed a stinky one! The roofers came to replace my roof and the noise from walking on the roof had my "Gizzi" (my 4-legged friend) all up in the air and she was barking and growling at the top of her voice. This was totally bugging me with no end in sight.  After the roofers were finished and I heard them drive off, I decided Gizzi deserved a break outside (not a good idea if you're not ready).  I should have put the leash on her before I opened the door (lesson learned about an in-house dog) they will make a break for it at the first chance of freedom.

Anyway in her haste to get out she slipped or tripped at the driveway corner (not sure which) and fell into something that manage to get all in her hair.  It looked like mud but my grand-daughter discovered rather quickly that mud it was not.  There is no mud on mother earth that could have an odor such as the one coming from my precious Gizzi (Some people are not considerate with their pet's poop).  The scene going on was rather funny (although very smelly) because my grand-daughter, being a total uncontrolled diva was petrified that she had touched this smelly stuff and proceeded to try and chase Gizzi into the backyard and out of the house.  I was laughing so hard and Gizzi thought she was playing so she kept running and jumping around refusing to obey any commands.  My poor Ari "grand-daughter" was going to die if I didn't get Gizzi clean fast.

I finally stepped in and got her outside where I rinsed her with the water hose and then to the tub I went with doggie, shampoo and brush in hand. Let me tell you, the smell was so fresh and strong I thought for sure I was going to choke to death.  Eventually, I got her all washed up and played shadow boxing with her as I attempted to blow-dry this furry mess.  Once that was done we sprayed the house with lysol and everything else we could find...but that smell just kept lingering.  Had to sleep the night with Gizzi gated outside of our bedrooms.  She was so sad...but still had that smell.

The next day (today) realizing that getting rid of that smell was beyond my ability, I called my nearest groomer and made an appointment to get the professionals in on the case.  The scene was hilarious and for the first time ever my grand-daughter was actually happy to be on her way to school and away from my precious Gizzi.  This is my life...full of ups and downs...joy and laughter...and everything in-between.  Her appointment is later today so I thought this was a perfect time to journal my story.

I can't post without sharing something, so in keeping with that thought, here are a couple of holiday cards that I hope you will enjoy.

Both cards were actually created by my grand-daughter.  She informed me that she thought I needed to use some of my scrapbook embellishments on my cards since I do more cardmaking these days.  I told her to have at it and show me what she would do.  She agreed only if I permitted her to take them to school to sale for a fundraiser.  Of course I said yes.  These are only two of the 6 that she has created so far. I think her goal is to create 10 cards and sale them for the choir's field trip.
I think she did well and it does my heart good to know she is going to sale them, not for herself but for her school.  She is showing this "Mema" that she may be a little diva, but she has a really big heart and love for her school (by the way she carries a 4.0 GPA and is in all accelerated classes).  I couldn't ask for anything more of her.
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Caroline said...

What a story sounds like you had your hands full. Your grand-daughter made two beautiful card's. Caroline xx

Desire Fourie said...

Mema you made my day with this hillarious story. Hope the smell is gone by now. Your darling grand daughter takes after her super talented grandma. Her cards are gorgeous.
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life - my personal blog}

Mary J Scrapper said...

Thanks for the laugh. I was just thinking of my old buddy when I read this. It brightened my day. The cards are really nice that the grand daughter made.

Annette said...

Haha! Poor Gizzi. Hopefully the smell will be gone soon. Your granddaughter's cards are lovely:)

My Mind's Dust Bunnies

Craftyhugs said...

What a hilarious story. You made me giggle reading it lol. The smell of poop is overpowering and it must of been awful lol. Your granddaughter has so much talent as these cards are just stunning! Hugs xxxx

Elizabeth Hart said...

This really made me laugh today - thanks for sharing this heart warming but somewhat stinky story.

Tami G said...

OH HOW FUNNY.. made me laugh out loud.. you told the story so well I could actually see it happening.. :)
thanks for the laugh today..

Scrappin Sista said...

Your granddaughter is quite the card maker!!! Beautiful cards!!

Glenda Atkins said...

Hilarious story and beautifully crafted cards, so glad I came for a visit:O)!

Sheila H said...

I had to laugh at your stinky dog story! I hope that she's clean and sweet smelling by now. Your granddaughter's cards are lovely.

CraftySue52 said...

Phew! What a story Lesia. Your granddaughter does amazing work. Now I wonder who she could have learned from on how to make beautiful works of art!!!

MaxineD said...

Thanks for the giggle Lesia - I do hope you home and Gizzi are sweeter smelling now :-).
Your grand daughter really is a wonderful young person - despite her Drama Queen aptitudes, and I love her cards - they are fabulous!

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