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Isn't life just grand?? Just when the weather cooled down to be bearable outside, I am stuck in the house fighting bronchitis...I tell you life does have a sense of humor.  But I took it like the strong determined crafter that I am and did not let this dampen my spirits, (I fixed me one instead).  I figured after all the running around I did to confiscate all this paper I better use it. So with things being as they are I entered my safe-haven with great resolve to create and decided to share "ME" with everyone.

I usually don't do layouts but I am working on this project that was given as a challenge on "Scraps of Color" where I am a member.  The challenge was to create a scrapbook about yourself by creating layouts throughout the year that represented you. We were provided inspirational and challenging topics/themes such as create a page about your skin tone "Your Color", (I created a page about my Red Hazelnut skin) and other themes such as "My Lips" and "My Eyes".  So today I share these with you. I am going to separate these post later and add them to a tab at the top of my blog. There are more than 24 themes (2 per month) and eventually I will share those as well (soon as I get caught up).  The one I created today is "My Profession." 

Well, let us get to it.  "All About Me" here are the layouts.  


My Hair
The journaling "The African American hair is the most versatile hair one will ever see.
It can be worn braided, platted, twisted or curled without damaging the hair. Black hair is strong and can withstand being pressed, permed, weaved and even waved. I can be a brunette one week and a blonde the next and still maintain a soft silky look. I love my hair and it loves me back. My BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL."

My Lips
Journaling: These lips of mine have kissed away the hurt from little knees and elbows. They have relaxed the shoulders of my man. These lips have trembled with fear and smiled with joy. I love my lips with their fullness and perfect form. I love my thick, big beautiful lips.

My Job
Just another day on the job. As a Training Consultant I have to keep my skills up-to-date so I attend conferences, seminars and whatever else I can find to enhance my knowledge. After all knowledge is power and in order for us to encourage our young women we must first have the knowledge to transfer.

My Skin Color
My skin is a blend of the Cherokee Indians from the Mtn of North Carolina, across the water to Haitia and back around to the strong African woman and I call this blend Red Hazelnut. I'm loving the skin I'm in.
My Eyes
Journaling: Become a mother, travel across the world, learn the piano, become a teacher. These are the dreams I had hoped to do as a child. I was always the dreamer always looking to learn. I've been told that my eyes reflect my soul. When I was old enough to read, I read Little Women and the phrase "I could've been a great many things" has played a role in my life. These eyes have seen cruelty in the world and these same eyes have witnessed the kindness of a stranger. I still dream but these eyes have enlightened me to see that not only could I have been a great many things...I have become a great many things. My eyes see things differently now and although I've accepted that things will change, one thing remains, I will always dream and see through these eyes that MY BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. (this was a shorten version of the actual journaling)


Well now you have a glimpse into my world and who I am.  I thought this was a cool idea offered up by Tiare Smith founder of SOC.  It allows you to tell a story about yourself, how you live and your values in life.  It also has the element of  being a creative challenge with out-of-the-box topics/themes.  Talking about yourself is difficult as it is (at least for me it is) but describing yourself in a fun and yet revealing way is.... very much a mind-blowing thought.
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I hope you got a kick out of this and I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.


Nitasha said...

These are beautiful layouts! And even more beautiful are the words and thoughts behind them! I loved Little Women, too!

Beebeebabs said...

Very nice layouts - great job thanks for sharing!!!

Sheila H said...

Your layouts are quite beautiful. You've displayed your features very nicely. Both your pictures and your words are very insightful and revealing. You've done a masterful job of giving us a peek into your genuine self.

Kim. said...

What a fantastic idea. I love your layouts so personal yet a lovely insight into you as a person.
Kim xXx

MaxineD said...

Oh Lesia thank you for sharing some more about yourself - you really are a beautiful woman.

Glenda Atkins said...

Beautiful layouts, very well done! Love the words that go with them too!

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