Sneak Peek

Hi Everyone! I tell you this new blogger is hard as the dickens to figure out. The way I've been clicking I sound like a hen pecking seed out in the pen. I haven't posted because I didn't know how, then of all things I created a new blog to test the new blogger thinking it wouldn't affect my old blog (mainly because my BFF said so) but guess what it did make changes and that really frustrated me. But what's done is done and I must move forward right?  But let me just say, that I am not real impressed with this new interface that Blogger has and I wish folks would leave things alone until they know if it ain't broke don't fix it.

This weekend my son visited me with my newest grandbaby; "Alexandria Jorydan Lynn" to meet her Mema. She is a real cutie, weighing in at 8.15 and 3 weeks early at that.  She got lots of kisses, hugs and rocks out of her Mema and I'm sure she will get many more in the future.

I've been creating cards trying to get them ready for Mother's Day which is really just around the corner.  I figured out how to do a technique that I am so proud of and can't wait to share it and then I've been playing with folding paper different ways to see what happens (some good, some not so much).  This is going to be a short post but before I call it a night, I want to say thanks to all of you that follow me faithfully. And I hope you follow my blog for more than just free stuff (well I did say hope) heh heh, because you never know when I will do something crazy.

If you are participating in my grab bag candy, please remember that you hav to leave a comment and be a follower.  Two challenges past an individual did not win simply because they did not follow all the rules (leaving a comment) and the challenge before that the individual that actually won was not a follower, and each case a second person was chosen. My grand-daughters do the choosing and they are not easy to forgive.  So please remember to follow the rules and if you do win please put my little badge on your blog so others can see and hopefully join us, or mention your winnings in your post.

My "Somebunny Loves You" Grab Bag Sneak Peek is below.  If you want it to be a surprise then STOP! DO NOT READ FURTHER! For the rest of you let me just say the name "Tim Holtz" can be found in Grab Bag Number 1 and I think the name "Magnolia" has a ring to it in Grab Bag Number 2.  Well that's your sneak peek.  Next month we'll play the Bingo Game to celebrate Mother's Day....but thats next month so until then remember...."find beauty in all things and then create your own"


MaxineD said...

Oh yes, blogger surely keeps us on our toes with the changes!! Hope you can work it all out.
I too have a new grandbaby - he arrived 12 days ago at 6lb 13oz and is a lovely wee bundle of joy.

Edie said...

Luv your challenges. Keep up the good work.

AJ Scrapbooking and Cards said...

Oh how I understand. I was so mad when I went to post I couldnt post on my computer. I have to use my laptop to make blog post.

I got my mail! A big thanks!

Evethmoon Crafty Creations said...

Hi, I love your post, I see a lot of people don't like the new blogger interface, I think it might be confusing so I have left mine's alone. If blogger can work out the kinks on it I might change mine. Oh I'm too curious I loved the sneak peek. Hugs and God bless!

Nitasha said...

I'm not loving the new blogger either! :( And, congratulations on your new grandbaby! Cheers to a happy, crafty week!

Sheila H said...

Congrats on the new grandbaby! I'm having fits with with Blogger, but not because its new. I'm new to Blogger and don't know what I'm doing :)

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