Snow in Texas!

Wow was what I said when I saw the snow falling outside my window.  It was beautiful with the big what a peaceful and calming scene unfolding right before my eyes, and this was happening in Arlington, Texas.  As it snowed I of course went into my craftroom and decided to see what I could do with some paper.  Keeping the book card in mind I decided to do something just a wee bit different and yet very similar.  This is called the tealight card, but I used bubble gum since I didn't have any tealights handy at the time.  Well here is what I came up with.

I accidently found the instructions on a Norwegian site blog called Wenches Kort and I had to translate it to English and then change from the metric system to our dewey decimal system.  The whole ordeal was time-consuming but I did like the results.

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scrappin sista said...

Snow in Texas.. thats funny, i live in Vancouver washington and we usually get snow in the mountians here... my aunt and uncle who live here are traveling to Lousianna by car..i called them today to check in since they are on the road.. my uncle said the drive was great untill he hit Texas... he said he had to chain up there was so much snow!! I thought he was stretching the story...Snow in Texas is unheard of.. i guess not!! lol! Great cards.... thanks for sharing and listening to my story!!
Alice B.

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