Holiday Season

The holiday season is just around the corner and now is the time to prepare.  First thing is turning the clocks back one hour...whoopee! a whole hour extra to sleep but beware it will now be dark before the dog is let out for her daily stroll.  Anyway my weekend didn't start out so well...sometimes having a caring boss isn't all that great.  I had a little problem on Friday, nothing major to me but for my boss it was major and therefore long story short I ended up in the emergency room where I laid for hour after hour while the staff proceeded to stick me over and over in their attempt to put in an IV and draw blood.  They never got the IV started so I had to suffer the sticks for the blood and that was hell.  By the time I left the hospital I was in more pain than when I went, my arms were bruised so bad I looked as if a dog had mauled me.  All of this to be told that I needed to see a cardiologist...well guess I should be glad I was told that what I had was called PSVT, which was a good thing because I have no clue what that means. Anyway I didn't get to scrap or crop at all on Friday so today I spent all day creating Christmas cards.  My grand-daughter and I decided to see what variations we could come up with from the sketches found on  They have wonderful sketches for those of us that find ourselves faced with scrappers block due to unknown forces.  Anyway below are some of the cards we finished today.

You will note that my grand-daughter and I didn't stick with the traditional Christmas
colors, although the spirit of Christmas was high on our creativity list.

This CrissCross card I watched on "YouTube University" and found it to be a very cute way to send a card.  It criss-crosses in the front and has an insert that pulls out to reveal your greeting or room for the individual to personalize their own message.

This card we are calling the "Lego" card because of the paper we used to create it.  I have had this paper for a rather long time so today it was decided to make this paper part of something better.

Another thing we attempted to do today was to create our own ornaments. We used everything from a heart shape to a light bulb for the shapes and then added a bit of UTEE for that extra shine and ribbon as the hanger.  It was fun and now we're just creating from things you would never have thought to use.
These two cards were done using the same stamp but with very different paper. The blue one represents the snow and softness of winter on gentle snowy day and the other one used traditional colors and a touch of black for interest.

Well thats all for today.  Thanks for stopping by and be on the lookout for my next challenge.  As always stay creative and be inspired by your inner artist.  Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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Donna Hanley said...

Mema, Sorry to hear of your problems on Friday. I hope that doesn't happen to you again. I do see that you were vry busy on Saturday making up for lost time. Each and every one of these cards is so pretty. Your grandaughter certainly has your talents in her genes. Nice job on all. Thanks for sharing. Take Care

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