Petite Purse Favor Bag

Whew! I am finally winding down and finding time to just play in the craftroom. I have a little project I'd like to share that I started a while back but couldn't complete it because it was missing a major part...the presentation box.

Here is a little purse that I made using the Tonic Studio Kensington Purse Die I found on  I saw a video on YouTube by Carolyn Shellard on how to construct a display box for the Kensington purse and immediately I wanted one.  Unfortunately, I am not familiar with centimeters nor the box maker she was using so even after she converted the measurements to inches I couldn't quite get it.  Nonetheless she had given me this idea and I was on a mission!

After multiple attempts and getting really close in creating my version of the box I had to reach out for help.  Joyce Owens, of My Enchanted Paper Creations  assisted in determining the base measurements for the box and that was the start I needed to achieve my goal.  If you decide to purchase this die and would like the measurements for my display box just check out my tutorial section.  

So to keep things moving along here are photos of my purse and box.

Above the purse is shown outside the box and below shows how nicely the purse fits inside for a professional display. Carolyn also has dimensions to create a foundation for the purse to sit on but I haven't gotten to that just yet.

DISCLAIMER:   These images are represent a project demonstration/template and is not images of the completed project.
(hoping the completed project will be much better)

The purse although petite can hold a host of small items...such as lipstick, eyeliner and lashes or small bottles of nail polish, nail filer or clippers. And of course you can place sweet treats inside, cash, or a gift card.  What goes inside is all up to you to decide.  

I thought this was just to cute to keep to myself so I thought I would share.

Thanks for stopping by.

Be safe, Stay Healthy and Craft Happy
Sending Hugs from Texas
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