Easy Foiling

Hello Crafting Family. I have a bit of news to share. For those of you that enjoy foiling this might be very interesting.
In the past, you have had to use toner paper to die cut things you wanted to be foiled or you had to buy phrases pre-made and then foil them. Well, that is over.

If you have a laminator, and transfer foil you can add foil to your images without toner paper or printing using a laser printer.

NOTE: this technique works better with outline stamps but I was able to get a decent foil with Stampscapes Prickly branches.

Anyway if you're interested, all you do is stamp your image and heat emboss with clear embossing powder. While doing this get your laminator going so it will be nice and hot. Add your foil to your stamped embossed image and send it through the laminator and BAM you have a foiled image. This technique is gorgeous when you use stamped images of large outline flowers. Even your stamped sentiments can be foiled. How cool is that!

The two machines tested were the Royale Laminator and the Minc foiling machine. We discovered the best settings for the Royale laminator was 3 and for the Minc, the best setting was 2. Using these settings each machine worked perfectly.

I was so excited I created a quick clip of my newly foiled stamp and thought I would share. Here is the quick clip. You may need to click play twice.

Thanks for stopping by.
Be safe, stay healthy and craft happy.

Sending hugs from Texas
~Lesia a.k.a. Mema


Lois Wyche said...

Thank you for this great tip. Hopefully I can heat up my laminator and pull out some foil to give it a try.

Maxine D said...

What a great way to foil - awesome tip thank you Lesia

Kevin said...

Very cool!

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