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Hello my crafting friends!  It has been a couple of weeks since I last blogged but I have been busy with part-time job interviews and getting my Christmas shopping completed.  I always start early to avoid the rush but it seems I always manage to miss someone or forget some important detail, so I had to spend time going over my shopping list and checking off things.

Additionally, I was able to steal one of my Christmas presents early and I have been playing with this new toy and of course shopping for all the accessories to go with it.  What is this new toy you ask, well Heidi Swapp released her new Minc machine and I am enjoying it!  I've seen the Minc by Anna Griffin on HSN but never thought I would use one but now it appears that every card I make would look better with a little foiling added to it (smiles).  

Now that I have a Minc I decided that I just had to have a laser printer, after all I did want to create my own designs and stuff and I'm sure I'll use it for other things as well in the future.  Anyway let me share with you one of the cards I created with my new machine.

Okay here you go.  The photo isn't the best because foil is very difficult to capture, but trust me it did turn out very nice.

The ornament background is actually a die that was cut and foiled using the Minc.  There are two ways to accomplish this:

1.  You can scan and print the die using a laser printer or scan the die and take the file to your local supply store (OfficeDepot, OfficeMax, Kinkos, Staples) for printing.

Once you get your image printed (it has to be printed using toner because a inkjet will not work) then you can go home and start playing with it by using different color foils to run through the Minc.  

2.  Secondly you can create your own toner paper or purchase printed toner paper and use this printed toner paper to cut out your dies.  If you do this then your dies will be ready to be covered with foil and ran through the Minc.  Both options work great and you don't have to use one color foil on your dies.  

I created the banner by actually cutting the banner and stamping the greeting on it the way I typically do.  Then I placed the cutout die back inside the die and scanned it using my laser printer and printing it out.  Now I had a scanned image made with toner that I could cover with foil and run through my Minc. Once it was covered with foil I simply used the original die to cut it out and of course it was a perfect fit leaving a perfect border of silver and the stamped greeting was foiled as well.

I'm still playing and finding ways to do things and keeping a record of what works best for me and things to avoid when using toner paper.  I've even figured out how to use stencils to get similar results.  The possibilities are amazing!  

This can actually be done with a laminator, but when I tested it I found the Minc reaches a heat level that is higher than my laminator (I think it gets hotter) and the results are just a bit smoother with the Minc but if you don't have a Minc and want to purchase something less expensive then you might want to purchase a laminator from your local office supply store.  I think Scott makes one for around $25.

Okay ladies, make sure you leave a comment and click on my blog candy and add your name if you haven't already.  I have my last set of Spellbinders dies to give away so don't miss out.  Additionally, it is my plan to give away $100 should I reach 1000 you think that will happen in 2016? We shall tell your friends.

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Margaret said...

That certainly is a life changing event to wake up knowing you didn't have to get up and go to work. I found retiring was not as easy as it sounds even if I had eased down to just working the hours I chose.
I certainly like the sound of the minc after seeing what you can achieve with it.
Margaret M

Maxine D said...

Lesia that card looks amazing - I do love what you can do with the foiling - an area I have not explored at this point!

KT Fit Kitty said...

Wow, this is beautiful! Looks like you've got the hang of your new toy already! Looking forward to more of your foiling!

Papercrafting Princess said...

One word....WOW!

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