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Hope you enjoyed that video.  It was filled with memories of days gone by for me.  I can remember how we used to all go to the roller rink and disco boogey.  I even taught my boys how to do the limbo on roller skates.  Ahh the days of youth and flexibility.

And now back to the art of crafting and altering boxes.  This one started out as an old dusty cigar box that I thought would be great to hold small items such as a watch or IPhone or IPod and I was right.

The paper is from my stash and so are all the embellishments. My goal is to use what I have and try not to find myself in a checkout line with a buggy full of stuff I really don't need, but the paper is a new collection and the colors just jump out at me.  How do I accomplish this...carry minimum cash...no credit card...no debit card...and the greatest deterrent my grand-daughter.  Nothing gets past her.  Okay here we go.

First up is a poor discarded unloved cigar box that needed a little TLC. No fear, help is on the way.

Does anyone remember this brand of cigars.  I remember my father and a few of his buddies used to be big fans of this particular brand.

The paper is Bo Bunny but please don't ask which collection because that would most likely give me one heck of a headache.
The flowers are all recollection and the little wooden gears are Prima (I think they were).  I forgot to write down the items I used and it was trash pickup day so out all the little things went.

This is the inside of the box.  I tried to give it an old worn distressed look by using my sanding block to scrape off some of the acrylic paint I used to paint it.

The cool thing is all I had was two 12x12 sheets of coordinating paper and I was able to cut it so that it covered the entire box...well all but the bottom which I covered with plain black card-stock.

Here you can see how I added a small wooden divider which made it possible to hold a watch and an IPod.  I also added some small wooden balls on the bottom to act as feet so the box would have just a bit of height and not sit flat. 

Yeah, now this is the perfect gift for a young teen.  Not sure if a boy teen would like it because it has the flowers but it does have masculine colors and the wooden gears are masculine so maybe I could get by with giving it to a young teen boy.  I'm not sure..I'll just see how it goes.

Well there you have my little creation for today.  I hope you liked it.

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Sending hugs and kisses from Texas


Marjeta said...

Hello Mema!
Your boxes are rely something. You showed us how to make a wonderful thing from old stash. Gorgeous.

I am happy to tell you that I got your prizes. It is wonderful. Thanks so much. Wish you a lot of fun in your crafting. With new items I will certainly have.

Hugs, Marjeta

Maxine D said...

Oh what a wonderful transformation Lesia - love it!!

ellyscard creatief said...

You created a beautiful box. Love the colors too.

Elvy Elfje said...

Wow that is wonderfull !!!
Great creation !!!

UTs Hobby Time said...

You are too good and creative in recycling boxes. Love the design.

Lois Wyche said...

Love how you took something old and made it new again . It is so pretty.

Nikki C said...

This is one fancy box I like how you used it :)

Papercrafting Princess said...


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