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Whew! I didn't think I would ever get back to my craft-room but whola here I am with a couple of cards to share with my crafty friends. Yeah I know both Father's Day and most Graduations are long gone but I think its okay to share a couple of cards with you anyway so here goes.

This first card was inspired by a friend and it was my intent to give it to her to give her husband but they left before I could get it finished.  To me it kinda looks like a Dallas Cowboy Father's Day card and since my friend is married to a former Cowboy I thought it would be nice, but like I said she never got it.  This is because my three youngest grand-kids (3,5,7) had me so busy I had very little time to relax.  Not complaining though.  

My second card has a prayer that I found online and just thought it was so sentimental that I decided to go ahead and make it for no one in particular. I'll add it to my store later and maybe someone will want it next year for Father's Day although it could work as a "Just Because" card as well.

Well folks that's all I have for today.  Sorry for the short post but rest is a necessity these days especially with the air being so thick and actually I can feel the pollution as I breathe it.  It is so humid and hot that this is the first year out of 8 or 9 that I have not attended the Great American Scrapbook Convention (GASC). What is the world coming to, when a person misses the GASC, it's a major event worth blogging about.

I'll be back in a week or two with a giveaway.  Over the past two or three weeks I have found some really great finds at really reasonable prices that allow me to share with my lovely followers. I have to get the list together and make sure I have packing material so I can be ready to ship when a winner is selected.

No worries I'll keep you posted via my blog.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me and if you have time leave a comment.  I do appreciate them and love reading them.

Hugs From Texas


Maxine D said...

Oh Lesia, that air pollution and humidity sound terrible :-( - I know what you mean by young grandies keeping you busy :-). Love your cards - they are great 'men' cards ,

Beebeebabs said...

Very nice as always!!!

Mary J Scrapper said...

Both cards are great but I really like the one with the verse.

Treva said...

Love both cards! I totally understand about the air, we are suppose to break a record today.

Donna said...

Ms. Lesia you make terrific cards and I love the "Prayer for my Dad! I had a wonderful time at GASC in Arlington, TX sorry you missed it, but spending time with the grand kids is timeless.

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