An Artist Has Escaped

Beware my fellow crafters, because there is an artist on the loose in the neighborhood.  Seriously, this crafting world is filled with so many different things that fall in the category of being artsy and crafty.  Last weekend I felt like I had lost my mojo and wanted to do something different but couldn't make up my mind so I called my grand-daughter (Ari) and asked her for some suggestions, but for some reason I just couldn't muster up any interest in anything she suggested so eventually we hung up and I went back to my craftroom to see if I could find my mojo.

An hour or so later, I hear the voice of my little Diva (Ari) calling my name as she made her way back to the craftroom where I was hiding.  I looked up from my desk and there she stood smiling with ink, brushes and canvases in hand. She says "we're going to watercolor or paint" in a very matter of fact tone, so I opted for painting because I didn't get the impression that I had any other choices to make, and it would be new since I hadn't tried painting with acrylic before.  Now that what we were going to do was settled, she proceeded to give me instructions and a color wheel to get me started.  She also rearranged my workstation, stating that she needed to be able to see what I was doing in case I needed her I taught her too well!

She handed me a pre-printed canvas and of course I immediately began to look for the instructions for painting by the number when I noticed the look she was sending my way.  The look that said get busy with the business at hand. So there I was all quiet looking at my image, trying to decide what to color, and exactly how to color with acrylic.  Ari decided she was going to mix colors and create new hues as I simply starred at her. Then finally she gave me that no nonsense tone to get started and so I began to just go with the flow.

Then slowly but surely I felt my mojo waking up and I was smiling with joy. My hand seemed to know what to do as far as how much pressure to use, how to brushstroke, what size brush to use, and how to keep the ink from dying to fast.  Such wonderful joy and fun this was!!!!  There was an artist being held prisoner inside of me and it was finally escaping!!!!  Run little artist, run for your life!!!  No more hiding and struggling for are free to paint!

While this newly discovered artist could never make a living painting or even drawing a straight line, I do believe that it will be a great addition as part of my crafting hobby and therefore I vote that it is definitely here to stay and on occasion will paint or color just for the joy of it. 

Of course the canvases will all need to be pre-printed which leads me to the technique of photo transfer, which I will tell you about later.  As for now check out my work below. Both of these were pre-printed and painted using acrylic paint.


I will soon be posting a notice that two surprise grab bags will be up for grabs.  One winner will be chosen from my followers group and one will be chosen from the comments we get.  The grab bags have not been completely filled yet but we're really close to filling them up so, check back often to see how you can win.   

Okay that's all for tonight.  Thanks for stopping by!



Maxine D said...

Oh Lesia I am so glad that artist has been set free - your paintings are fabulous! Keep up the good work:-).

Shirley-Anne Barber said...

Hi Lesia
How wonderful that you were inspired by your Grand daughter , Ari.
The canvases look amazing .Love the warm rich colours .
Is Ari coming down under for
holidays soon ? I need inspiration too .
hugs Shirley-Anne

Judith Taylor - Wright said...

Morning Lesia hun and what fabulous paintings they are truly stunning - looking forward to seeing many more - have a great day hugs Judith x

Dawn Lancaster said...

How wonderful! I love your paintings! Looks like you had fun doing them too!
Dawn xx


I LOVED reading your 'diary' entry on how you rediscovered your mojo and in doing that released the inner artist within in you The results are astounding. How lovely it would be to spend and afternoon in Ari and your company but how sad that I live halfway around the world!
Much love and huggz to both of you!

Jen Leeflang

Karen Petitt said...

I love the fact that you are passing on your love of art and craft to your grand daughter and you are both working together and inspiring each other - that is awesome Lesia!
Beautiful canvases, love the bold and warm colours you have used. I hope you both spend many happy hours painting and crafting together. Thank you for sharing Karen x

Peggy T. said...

Oh, I am so glad that artist escaped. Your paintings are beautiful. I would like to try this. Great job.

Peggy Timmerman

Faith A said...

WOW WOW and more WOWS, I love what you have achieved here, the colours are so lovely too.

Thanks for your lovely comment on my card and welcome :)

vinita jain said...

I love your canvas painting!!! You reminded me the days when I started oil painting on canvases and enjoyed too. Ari is very talented. Congrats to you on your newly discovered inner artist!!! Keep up good work!
With lots of love

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