Printer's Tray

Hello my lovely followers and friends.  I know I haven’t posted in a bit but I have been working on a project that is a first for me.  It is my first ever Printer’s Tray and it was such fun to create.  I’m pretty sure that I will do another one but fair warning about the measurements....there aren’t any and what you see on 7Gypsies site isn’t much help unless you can figure out what measuring system they are using. 

I had to painfully go through the trial and error method with each little window to determine the size I needed for my pattern paper and I couldn't share my measurements with my Crafting BFF because even if you buy the same model tray, the little window sizes aren't quite the same. I guess its the same logic that is applied to paper trimmers, because the rule of thumb is not to change trimmers once you start cutting your paper because they are calibrated just a wee bit differently which can have an impact down the road somewhere.  

Anyway I love the way my printer's tray turned out although little hands can create chaos if you're not watching.  There is a story behind the word "note" but today is not the day for telling the story...sorry, I'm just so tired. But check out my printers tray with all my little trinkets I added here and there. My inspiration to do this tray came from "Butterflies Kisses."

Now that you've checked out my little printer's tray it's time to remind you of our upcoming February Challenge, so start early with those creations. Create anything with hearts, or the words love, be mine or anything else that represents romance and love.

The theme isn't Valentine's Day, instead it's whatever you can create to answer the following question "What or Who Makes Your Heart Smile".
Talk about a broad range of my friends...go have fun and join us next month AND if you haven't joined in this month's challenge, you still have a couple of days to get those projects in for a chance to win 5 Precision Dies from Frantic Stamper.

Well guys this is Mema signing off


Karen Petitt said...

Quite simply stunning Lesia, love all the little details you have used, it's gorgeous! xx

susie morris said...

This is JUST beautiful!! great job!

Pumpy said...

wonderful job this is a beautiful printers tray. xx

Maxine D said...

Gorgeous work of art there Lesia.

Yolanda said...

Beautiful! That inspires me to do more with my antique one.

KT Fit Kitty said...

Wow - that's awesome! Love all the details!

Sheila H said...

This is amazing, Lesia. The details are so varied and beautiful.

Teresa Arsenault said...

This is gorgeously delicious. :)

Linda Simpson said...

WOW this is fantastic! I love it!

Linda xxx

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