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Hello Everyone.  Today was cool but very muggy and almost yucky but the sun did peep through from time to time to make it a decent day.  I would like to apologize for the delay in posting my April Monday Winner, but you'll be glad to know that I did not forget to run "Random" for the lucky number.

These last few days have been filled with numbers and charts as work to understand my newest role and come to terms with the fact that I haven't retired yet.  I enjoy my work and the folks I work with but I betcha I will enjoy them more when I can sleep late, ignore the phone when I want and just be lazy when I feel like it.  Of course those days are still not within my reach...but soon...oh not soon enough (smiles)

Okay....moving on to more important things such as winners and prizes.

Our first winner for April's Challenge is 
Entry  Number

So congratulations to Jen Leflang who entered this lovely card

Congratulations Jen! Contact Mema at

Unfortunately, this is all I have for tonight.  Its back to work I go....retirement can not come soon enough.  Anyway there is still more prizes to be won and can you believe I am so close to reaching 500 followers.!!!

This is very exciting so I'll be checking at each break so I can keep up with all my new followers...thanks to all of you.  Additionally, don't forget the blog giveaway and you still have time to enter April's challenge for the second draw.  

HINT: Next month is all about Mom and Flowers so be ready, plus I have a new sponsor....wheeee!

Thanks for stopping by


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Sheila H said...

Congrats to Jen! It appears you're working on a retirement plan - good for you! Have a great day :)

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