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I can't believe it but I am almost finished with cleaning my craft-room and finding a home for my items.  While on this grand organization adventure I am discovering that I should have organized my room a long time ago.  In fact I think I will do this on a regular basis now, that I am finding duplicate items of various things.  This is beginning to bug me...I must relax, release and relate to the situation....(exhaling in an effort not to curse)

What to do with these things....doesn't seem fair or practical to keep two... so I propose a giveaway that only my followers can enter....yep just as soon as I finish with the closet and gather everything together I will post my blog giveaway.

How does one duplicate Cricut cartridges and open them both without remembering they had one.  Also how does a Cricut cartridge end up in a drawer labeled Magnolia Magazines.  At least I didn't pay retail (I never pay retail) because if I had, this would not be a very happy post.

Now that I've shared my frustrations let me move on with my latest creations.  I'm working on three cards, one mini album and attempting to alter an old cigar box all at the same time.  All this multi-tasking is wearing me out.  I think it would be more restful if I just go cook a meal using my new  "NINJA" that I got a few months ago.  Soon I will have an entire NINJA kitchen, at least that is the plan...just how to execute is the question..Ummm.

OMGoodness...how did I get so side tracked?  Okay back to multitasking, in short I didn't finish any of those aforementioned projects, instead I created the following two page layouts.

This layout is a tribute to my oldest grand-daughter who garnered herself a full scholarship by strutting her skills on the basketball court.

She is always making the headlines in the sports paper and her mom was kind enough to share those with me.  I'm lucky to have a lovely DIL that I'm comfortable with.  I was going to use the paper clips but changed my mind and decided that photos told the story a little bit better.

Its amazing how kids can change in just one year...I mean growing into a mature young lady with a goal and focus of determination to win.  All I can say is "You Go Girl"!

This layout was a creation of nothing short of pure pride.  "LeLe," as I refer to her, changes everyday.  I am amazed at how well she handles frustrations and disappointments.

From tomboy, to goth, to trendy...she has went through it all in search of herself.  I'm not sure if she has succeeded in finding herself, but its been most enjoyable for me to watch her look.   So far the trendy style is holding strong (for the last two years) but who knows what it will be tomorrow.

The backgrounds for both layouts were altered using Photoshop, to hide how messy my craft-room was and still is due to my multitasking.

That's all for tonight....I really need to get back to work on my projects.  I found a few challenges I want to enter so hopefully I'll get a few cards completed before the challenge ends.  I tend to be late when it comes to challenges.

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Sheila H said...

Lesia, your duplicate tales are funny :) I started cleaning my craft room yesterday. I didn't find any duplicates, but as I continue, who knows? Your layout is a lovely tribute to your beautiful and talented granddaughter!

MaxineD said...

Oh Lesia - how frustrating to find duplicates!!
Your grand daughter(s) look gorgeous - what a joy they must bring you.

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