Fan Cards and Tent Cards

This is starting to be a habit...finding tutorials and trying them out. You've seen my little gift box which wasn't so bad, but for my next test I had to contact the creator of this little fan card. Granted mine is amateurish (is that a word) to say the least so if you would like to see the master creator's version visit Inky Angel's blog for one of her fabulous fan designs. This is my first attempt but I promise you I will try again and hopefully will do better. 
When I tell you that I had to bring out math books, reach out to family members I am not joking! Between radius, diameters, protractors and compasses, I wasn't sure I would get the concept...but now that I have, everyone should watch out.   
This first snapshot is the card laying on its side (It's a bit darker than it really is). The Tim Holtz clip in the upper right corner doesn't belong (that reminded me of the kid's song that says "which of the items doesn't belong", and for some reason I found my words funny...go figure. Anyway as I was saying the clip is there because I made a small mistake that couldn't be corrected so I had to use the clip to keep the card closed. That's how we learn right? Well the next snapshot is the fan standing up.
This snapshot got lighter (but a more true color) and I'm not sure why, but here you can see the little pocket on the front that holds a tag where the sentiment can go.  By the way before you put the pieces together you really must decorate...that was mistake number 2 for me. Yep this little project had lots of mistakes for me...but it sure was fun figuring out things.  Glad I used regular paper and not my paper stash that I have yet to convince myself that it will be okay to cut.  I know you ladies know what I am talking honest.  .    
My final snapshot shows the fan open. Excuse the non-decorations but like I said lots of learning opportunities came with this project. Katie was kind enough to share her secrets with me just so I could get started. Be sure and visit her blog so you can see how lovely this fan can truly be. Here's the link to her  Shabby Vintage Fan Card and the link to fan #2.  She also created a tutorial along with another fan card which is stunning.  Click here for the tutorial and yet another fan card.

The next card I want to share was fairly simple if you follow the instructions correctly. By the way I recommend that everyone have at least one cutter that has measurements in centimeters and inches.  It comes in handy. The next card is another tutorial so I didn't do a lot of planning for it but it turned out okay.  Here you go.
It turned out really cute although my snapshot doesn't show it that well.  I stamped and colored Tilda and then cut her out so she could dangle in the oval cutout. In hindsight the next one I make I will add a scenary behind the oval so it will add an illusion to the card, additionally decide a different way to dangle the image should I use one.  This little card has great potential and has invoked a lot of ideas for me.  I actually excited about creating my next one.  The next snapshot is missing...forgot to take the snap.  It was one from the side so you could see how I put the pieces together to form the tent. I'm adding the tutorial to my blog in case anyone wants to try their hand at it. You would put your personal message on the back of the card and by the way it folds flat to create a 6x6 card. I wasn't going to show the back because it is so unfinished. 
Like I said on the back you would place your personal message and/or greeting.  I was trying to show that but was in to much of a hurry and the camera captured my sentiment is crooked...not a appears to be the Leaning Tower of Pisa..(so sad).  But it is what my BFF (Joyce) and I refer to as a demo card, but I broke the rule that states a demo will never be posted.  She is going to talk about me and I can hear her now "what were you thinking" or "how do you plan to fix that." She's a funny gal but she is my BFF and she'll get over it, then proceed to figure it out and show me the error of my ways.  After all in the end she'll love me anyway (at least I hope so).
And to all my followers I love you guys and hope you will continue to
"find beauty in all things, and then go create your own"

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Katie K said...

Hi Lesia,
Your fan card is lovely, it is beautifully put together. I had a good laugh when you mentioned "the master creator", I am nowhere near that level. I am glad you're the 1st to try my tutorial. Hopefully we'll see more fan cards around the crafting world.

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