Mother Day Wishes

I want to wish all my mommies out there a Happy Mother's Day! I was treated to breakfast/brunch by my grand-daughter and her mom. Actually it was more like brunch with all my breakfast favorites. Then after getting full and feeling quite lazy my boys decided it would be good to take me shopping and it was such fun.  I didn't drain them and I did remind them to grab the coupons out of my bin and off we went to get more stuff for my crafting I really need something else and where to put these things will be a challenge all by its self (laughing right about now). My cards were all gorgeous and I find the words carry such a different meaning for me now that I'm older (empty-nest syndrome..going on 35 yrs) (he he laughing again). 

Most folks when they divorce they don't keep contact with their ex, but my ex and I are the best of friends.  I can count on him to remember all the holidays and sometimes the just because kicks in.  This year he got me once again a Coach purse (my favorite brand), and a pair of diamond stud earrings.  Between the cards, the gifts and the attention I think I cried to hard for make-up so I looked a hot mess and then memories of my own Mom settled in and more tears came.  I did eventually stop crying long enough to say farewell to the youngin's and the phone finally stopped ringing and I was able to just sit back and relax.

It must have been to much for my heart to take because today, is a different story. I didn't get out of bed until after lunch time and was totally starving but could tell that it would not be a good idea to eat what I had in my house but going outside with my allergies was a NO NO so instead I ordered Chinese food and had it delivered.  So now that I've wolfed that down, and made this post I think I will say good-nite to all my lovely followers.

Thank you for taking time to stop by and visit and I hope to see you again real soon.  Don't forget to .............."find beauty in all things and then go create your own."

BTW: If you haven't entered my Bingo challenge scroll down and join us!

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MaxineD said...

Oh Lesia what a day you had - and what a let-down :-(. I had my lovely family text and ring me, and also had a couple of beautiful cards - including one from my DH who is now very visually limited, so I had to go and help him choose.........

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