Don't Text and Drive!

Wow! I have been one busy person with lots of drama. First of all I get rear-ended while waiting for traffic to slow down so I can turn left onto the street where I live. That close to home when BAM! I feel this impact and my car moves ever so slightly but I held onto the steering wheel not realizing that I was actually kissing it because of the force of the impact. As if in slow motion I see my purse leave the seat beside me as if it had wings and disspell its belongings onto the floor below, while items in my car cubby holes were thrown to the rear of the car. As I watched this unfold I could hear the breaking of glass, and the sound of metal being crushed...I could only imagine what my car looked like and I prayed the car I saw in my rearview mirror would not end up in my backseat.

After what seemed like an eternity, the noise stopped and it was quite again except for the clicking of my left turn signal. I was a wee bit disoriented but as far as I could tell I was fine with the exception of being a bit peeved. There was a tap on my window..."ma'am, are you okay? Can you move your car out of the road? I am so sorry, I didn't notice you, when I looked up..."   Turns out this person was texting when they struck me...but the kicker was no insurance, no driving license, and was texting.  Of course I called the police and prayed, prayed and prayed because it took praying to keep from totally going nuts and ending up being taken away to jail for assault or worse.  I got to go home and start the process to get my car repaired, which by the way wasn't going to be a lot while the other car was totalled and impounded. Whatever you do please don't TEXT AND DRIVE!

All this on top of my four-legged friend needing to go to the vet to see about a growth they can't seem to destroy. It leaves and then returns and just yesterday I noticed it had returned bigger and looking even worse than before the treatments.  The stress of the possibility that my best friend may have a cancerous growth is taking its tow on me.  She's only 8 years old and I got her when she was 2 months.  This is my company we are talking best friend...always there waiting for me after work and ready to protect me regardless to the danger.  What will I do without her...I can't think about would prove to be just to much for me.

Okay I'm spilling my guts and thats a downer....sorry...well I have more but I won't talk about my professional life....that would take three more pages at least.  This is enough about my personal drama...maybe next post will just be a normal card.


MaxineD said...

Oh Mema - what a terrible day - praise God He is faithful and hears your prayers. I will pray for you and your four legged friend.

Sheila H said...

I am so sorry about your accident. Thank goodness you weren't injured. I just don't understand how folks think they can text and drive. I hope your dog will be ok.

kscraps2 said...

Mema, I'm so sorry to read about your accident and praise God that you are okay. I have a four legged best friend too so I'm hoping at the time I am writing this that she is okay.

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