Magic Card Tutorial –courtesy of Marianne
( to see the video scroll to the bottom of this tutorial)

1.  This card consists of three pieces that are glued together in the end.
CS: 6 x 7 Scored 1 ½ inch in from the edge of each sideCS: 6 x 6 Scored 1 inch in from the edge of each sideThis gives you a center measuring 4 inches on each piece of cardstock.Use a border punch on the sides and distress with walnut stain if desired
2.  Your 3rd piece of cardstock that will be the front of your card should be cut at 4 x 7 ½ and scored at 6 and 6 1/8     Fold the score lines to ensure that the flap hangs down smoothly
3.  It's time to decorate with pattern paper.  I have prepared four thin strips, and four wide strips to decorate the sides of the wings on the card.  The width of your strip will depend on the punch you used to decorate the edges.
4.  I have decorated the wings and the middle of the fields that will be visible on the card.

5.  The reverse side of the wings are also decorated as shown here.  The white areas are glued together later
6.  Here you can see how I decorated what will be the front of the card

7.  And then I decorated the inside as shown here.  Innsiden er her ferdig med tekst. Inside is the text I want to use. This could be a picture or anything, just Pass på at teksten kommer rett vei:) make sure that the text/image is the right way :) Jeg har festet dobbeltsidig teip til den lille klaffen. I have attached double-sided tape to the small flap.
8.  Turn the smallest piece of cardstock with the white or back side facing up.  Then position the flap at the top making sure it can fold down easily.  This would be a good time to make sure your image/text is positioned correctly.  When you are satisfied that it is correct adhere your flap to the card.
 9.  Now add more double-side tape to the flap and the white side of the smallest piece.  We are preparing to glue it to the larger piece of cardstock.
10. Here I have glued all the parts together, the two white areas against each other, and the front card hangs nicely down the middle.   Jeg har laget et skrivefelt, som blir skjult av fronten. I have created a writing space, which is hidden by the front.
Here you can see the card open, showing the text/image and the space for a personal message

And here's the card completely finished.  If you fold the rear wings backward, and the main wing forward, so the card can stand

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