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 It has truly been a while since I last posted but life has been throwing me curve balls for the past year and I could not get a break until now.  Major events occurred while normal life continued and it was just hard. I sold my home of 23 years and moved in with my son and his wife. This was a medical choice and not one of my own and yet I was determined to be happy and look at it with optimistic views.  It has been difficult giving up so much... I felt like there had been a death in my life and the grieving was real (still not sure if I'm over it).

Anyway on the plus side of things I get to see and interact with my grandkids as they grow into young adults. Additionally, I no longer have to maintain a home at my age with my less than good health. As I always say "when life shows you the negative side of the coin, flip it to the other side".

So now that I've flipped the coin I have an opportunity to create a new craft space that I can decorate and configure to my liking. It has taken months just to get the blueprint but finally the ground was broken and the construction has begun.

First they had to remove a lot of bushes and small trees to make room for the gravel and the concrete to be poured.

My role was to keep our very nosey dogs from leaving prints all in the concrete as it cured. A job I did very well.

Then we could prepare what came next.

The framing of the structure was the next phase.  I was learning a lot watching this process and boy does the administrative piece take a lot longer than the actual process does.

It really started to take shape when they added the windows and doors.

My excitement began to build and I could see the end product coming to life.

It was almost time to add the siding, electricity and network and once that was done I could start the shopping process for the interior materials.

It is being built with a full size bedroom, closet, a kitchenette as well as a full size bathroom.

Everything I could possibly need will be right there at hand so even if I craft into the night I can sleep peacefully and have all the midnight snacks I desire.

This was the best part of the move for me... getting a craft room that is a really nice size and a space that is truly my own.  Being close to family and grandkids but having a retreat less than 20 feet away when I need my peace and quiet.

Anyway as time goes on and the craftroom/casita/guest house takes shape I will try to remember to post and take you on this journey with me.

So that's all I have for now.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing this journey with me.  I hope you'll come back real soon.

Sending hugs and kisses

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kiwimeskreations said...

So so good to see you here again Lesia - I too have sold my house, and am watching the renovations/extensions going up at my DD's for a similar set up - but my spot will be under the main roof of the house, with my own external entry as well as internal into the main house....
Enjoy the excitement and shopping for your new 'nest'.
Stay safe

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