Keeping Busy

Hello Everyone.  There must be some bad karma around me when buying items online because I am having issue after issue with companies. First of all I do have a bit of good news...I finally received a refund from and now that this issue is finally closed I can relax and simply not deal with them again. 

Unfortunately as fate would have it, I am having a problem with Divinity Designs. Never had an issue when they were "Our Daily Bread Designs (ODBD)" but with their recent change things don't seem to be as organized or customer friendly. Two of my friends are having issues as well with products whereas my issue was more around the system not being consistent from one page to the next. 

Case in point, the site says $5 shipping for all USA shipments and it shows in your order summary as such but when you click submit to continue to the payment page the shipping charge changes to $7.  Also if you have a code or discount the order summary page calculates the discount and shows it as being deducted. In my case it was a saving discount of $5.50 but once again when I click the submit to continue to the payment page the discount was removed and reapplied. You don't see this until after you get your payment confirmation and there isn't much you can do about it.  To reach someone by phone or chat you have to be up at the break of dawn because they are 6 hours ahead of us here in Texas.  There is a glitch in their system somewhere so now I am waiting to see if anyone responds to the messages and email I have sent and if they resolve the issue with me.

Nope, I am not done...I'm telling you there is bad karma hanging around. I placed an order back in December with Craft-Stash and so far haven't received my product.  I must say however that I did speak with the company and they gave me an update on where my order was and rudely told me I could track it myself. Of course her tone of voice was condescending and I politely informed her that I had tried to track it...this isn't my first rodeo but evidently what she has access to see and what is showing on their website and the USPS is not the same. Furthermore if I could have tracked it I would not be on the phone with her seeking information as to its status. According to Craft-Stash it had left England, traveled to Switzerland and would be in the USA today and I should have it delivered between Wednesday and Friday. Once again I believe the problem is somehow linked to their system because all it shows is the package is waiting for a label. I am attempting this thing called patience but folks when you have my money I'm just not that patient.

This whole experience has been with companies located in the UK so I am thinking I won't be doing a lot of international shopping except for Wild Orchid and a couple of other companies that I absolutely love.  What an ordeal.

On a more positive note I have been busy playing with my Cricut to help alleviate the pain of losing my fur-baby a few days ago. I find staying busy keeps me from noticing how quite the house is.  I purchased a few clear heavy plastic trays shown below and decided to turn them into serving trays.  I had to figure out how to do this and keep the tray usable for food so from the back I worked where the paint and the vinyl will never touch the front of the tray. Below is what I created and gifted to a friend as part of their Christmas gift from me.



It turned out rather nicely so I had to make one for myself and a couple of other friends to have during football season.

That's all I have for this post.  Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to vent a bit about my shopping woes.  Hopefully this will not last long and does not represent how my year will be.

As always
Sending Hugs from Texas
Be Safe Stay Healthy Create Happy


kiwimeskreations said...

Oh Lesia, what a trial - I have had some issues with stuff coming from USA - one lot of un-tracked goods arrived two weeks before the so called tracked items that NZ Post decided were not to be tracked once they crossed the border - go figure, and I had had to pay more for delivery, as that was the way the (originating) company operated!
I do hope your issues are soon resolved and all your goodies arrive!
Love the result of your work with the trays - that is spectacular!

Marjeta said...

Nice work. I love it when I get something useful for present. I am sure your friends were thrilled.

Unknown said...

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