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WOW!  I feel like I've been out of commission for months but its not been quite that long, at least not yet it hasn't.  My mind has been jumping in a circle from one project to the next, similar to that of a chicken running around with no head.  

One minute I'm all involved with creating different sized boxes, and the next minute I'm in the mood to just color using different markers and media. Somewhere while coloring I get distracted and it seems that there are a few techniques that I haven't tried so I drop the coloring and off to YouTube I go in search of techniques that I can try.  

But soon I bore of the techniques and long for something to hold my interest for a month or two.  So I decide I need a project...dismissing mini albums because I still have two that need to be completed.  (yep ADD is kicking in). 

So I decided to create a Easel Calendar where I design one month at a time and so far that is going well (I'll share those in a later post), but I want something else to do like that.  I figure this way I will have multiple things to keep me busy so I went searching for something and I found Gloria Stengel of the Graphic 45 family with an amazing project.

Create a card to represent each month of the year, but the interesting part is that each card will be based on the sketch for that quarter.  So there are four sketches to follow for twelve cards. Pretty darn cool...and fun! ...thanks to Gloria Stengel of the Graphic 45 family.

This project I am determined to finish along with the Easel Calendar project, which by the way was another project created by Gloria.  I am off to a good start with both projects but for this post I am going to share First Quarter's Calendar Cards.  

Let me start by sharing the sketch for the first quarter of the year.  

The above sketch was created by Gloria Stengel and is used as the base design for all three cards.  The inside of each card is designed to follow the layout and theme of the front using the same Place in Time paper cutout sheets. I didn't follow Gloria's theme for the inside but I did stay consistent with my own design. Additionally, Gloria's cards measures 5 x 5 but I decided to go a little bigger and mine measures 5.5 x 5.5.

In the photo above I show you all three cards together but then I show them individually below.  The paper you see beneath them is a snippet of the matching envelope I created along with either a liner or insert to carry the theme of the card on to the envelope.

Of the three cards this one is my favorite.  The colors capture the coldness of January and the image represents my technique on ice skates;  I call this technique the "Graceful Fall With A Smile".  It could also be my favorite because it is after all my birthday month.

The second month February is of course the month for romance and the celebration of love in all its many ways.  Remember the story or title "Love Is A Many Splendor Thing" well I thought this card was beautiful with its simple and yet splendor design.  Its difficult to see but the black beneath the card is actually its matching envelope and you can see just a peek of the envelope liner in the back.

Lastly we have March.  It finishes the quarter with strong gusty winds reminding us that winter is still alive, but allows the chirping of the birds to sound through announcing that Spring will soon follow the harshness of March's gusty winds. The colors of royalty were perfect for this month, plus I happen to like the combination of purple, green and a hint of honey yellow.

So there you have the beginning pictures of my current project, one of which I hope to finish and share with everyone in-between all the other stuff going on that is referred to as life.  

Before I close for the night I would like to remind everyone that there is still plenty of time to enter our Anything Goes challenge that is going on now for a chance to win some really cool prizes. 

So until the next saga of my circle of projects, stay safe, be blessed and visit us again real soon.


If you'd like to create these cards for yourself click the link below for the tutorial in .pdf format....have fun and share with us if you do create them.

Calendar Cards Project Series I (Jan-Feb-Mar)


kiwimeskreations said...

What fabulous cards Lesia - they are beautiful, and I love the vintage look of them.

Denise Goeldner said...

Gorgeous selection of cards, love the vintage look too and those Graphic 45 papers are awesome, thanks for sharing the tutorial too..
~ Denise ~
{Denise's Patch of Creativity}

Unknown said...

Lesia your cards are stunning!!!! What a beautiful job you do on every card you make!!! I must have ADD too since I do the very same thing jumping from one to the next, lol, no but it certainly runs through both sides of my family and I do know all about it, can be both a curse and a blessing right? Your cards truly blow my mind and sooooooooo inspirational. Have a fantastic day my crafty talented friend! hugs

Gloria Stengel said...

First, I laughed because I also have crafter's ADD and OCD (you know, where you spend more time organizing your stuff than making anything!). Second, I almost cried over your projects! I love love love that you used the tutorials and made your own version of the cards! This set of cards remains a favorite of mine...and I am tickled pink to see you make them!!!! Hugs!!!!

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