Place In Time Cards Final Series

Yep, its true I have officially completed a card for each month using the Graphic 45 "Place in Time" paper collection using tutorials and sketches offered by Gloria Stengel.  This was an absolute fun project and I am so excited to share the final series with you.  Hope you enjoy and maybe even decide to create them for yourself.

First of all we start with the sketch that each card will be based on. Remember sketches are guides and can be rotated or modified as long as the original sketch isn't totally lost in your design. I made a couple of choices with this sketch such as there seems to be three flowers used as part of the embellishments, but I opted not to use the flowers. Additionally, my greeting placement isn't where it is on the sketch. So see, with sketches you have the option to change an option (lol).

4TH Quarter Oct Nov Dec

This is a lovely group with all the earth colors.  Although all three cards used the same sketch I think I like the Christmas design the best of the three.  Colors and papers do make a difference!  Now let us look at them individually as well as take a peek inside.  Remember my inside did NOT follow the tutorial.


The colors represented in October are very bold and strong colors.  I love the colors of fall because they seem to give you that last warm blanket to prepare you for Winter.  This is the month of harvest, as we prepare to spend some days inside nestled up in our blankets with cocoa or hot tea.

On the inside I added a journal tag because my thought was that one could fill it in with their favorite recipe to share with the recipient.


I think of November as the month for families and celebrations of thanks for the blessings that families bring to one another. This seems to be the month where families select one weekend to place all issues on the back burner, and women actually find joy in the kitchen standing over a hot stove. This one weekend where we give thanks for having that butt-hole cousin you wish wouldn't claim you in public or that darlin man that drives you nuts on a daily basis. Yep November is the month that where normal isn't the norm.

On the inside I added a tag where you could list why you're thankful for the recipient of the card.  There is a little verse on the right side that I took from the Place In Time paper collection that speaks to the purpose of giving thanks.


Of this series December is my favorite card.  The image says it all...December is about the children! The birth of a very special child is celebrated during this month in the United States, and parents celebrate their children although it reduces our bank account quite a bit and we settle for chicken instead of steak for a month or two.  Kindness replaces anger and generosity sometimes replaces greed.  I love this month for all that it stands for, and although it is a cold and frosty month, I still find joy in seeing the blanket of white on Mother Earth and laugh at Father Time as he boasters his best because he knows as all women know, a man's reign is only for a little while and then Mother Nature returns to bring harmony back again. (smiles).

What is the saying " matter how strong and long the Winter, Spring will surely follow...

I thought the little girl sitting on the bench was perfect all dressed up and waiting for something...

Well this is all my crafting friends.  I hope you enjoyed following me as I created my card a month project and hope you will join me for other projects and techniques that I might pick up out here in cyberspace.

If any of you decide to create your own Place In Time series please share with me...I'd like to know what you thought of the projects.  So having said that I will get back to yet another Place In Time project offered by Gloria and that is my Easel Calendar.  I'll share those montly creations with you eventually, but for now if you'd like to create Series IV for yourself just click here for the project sheet tutorial by Gloria Stengel.

Until Next Time
Be Safe, Stay Blessed and Create 
~ Lesia ~

Sneak Peek: May's Challenge theme is May Flowers or Celebrating Moms



kiwimeskreations said...

Love these cards Lesia - like you I love the Christmas one. :-)

Gail said...

Super creations - love them all!

Beebeebabs said...

Very nice!!!

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