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Can you believe that August is already gone, and September is here! Where has the year gone?  I went to one of our local stores this week and could not believe that every aisle was decorated and advertising a holiday of some sort.  One aisle had all the goodies for Halloween and on the other side was your Fall/Autumn decor.  Then about four aisles down you ran into your back to school products and Thanksgiving.

That's not the kicker though...we haven't reached Halloween or Thanksgiving and there are Christmas trees with lights already flashing in your face.  I know times are difficult, but is overkill really necessary?  I found it all to be a bit weird but I guess you could "flip the coin" and take a positive spin about everything.  It could be a head-start on preparation or just a reminder to those that procrastinate throughout the year.

For me it was indeed like an Outlook reminder that the holidays are just around the corner creeping upon us and with eight grand-kids, I really need to re-introduce myself to layaway and deal shopping.

Oh well so much for early reminders.  I do have a reminder for everyone.  A new month brings around new challenges over here at Mema's Crafts and this month we actually have a theme.

Our challenge theme is:
  Lace and/or Flowers
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The challenge opens on Sunday, September 1st.

Now to share with you what I have been busy creating in my spare time (not much of that when your working hours seem to keep growing) but I did manage to finish my mini (previously posted) and now I actually finished two cards to share with everyone and I found one that looked as if it had been forgotten.

Hope this will inspire you...and of course don't forget to join next month's challenge and check to see if you're a winner by clicking on the winner's tab.

If anyone has any questions about these cards just leave me a comment and if you don't have any questions I would love to hear from you.  Its lonely out here in blog land if no one speaks to you. :(

Gotta go check and see who my winners were and get those posted and then I need to check with "My Enchanted Paper Creations" to find out who wins the three Cheery Lynn dies as the bonus winner.

Well until next time be creative, be safe and see beauty in all things.  
Thanks for stopping by and come again real soon.



CraftySue52 said...

Your cards are always so beautiful. I really like the blue one!

Beebeebabs said...

Busy is right - all of them are absolutely beautiful as always thanks for sharing!!!

kiwimeskreations said...

So glad I am in a small town and we don't have the big department stores with Christmas stuff up :-) Halloween is starting to show though.
Love your cards Lesia, especially the green and blue ones.

Treva said...

More beautiful cards, love your paperbag album too. Time flies and there never seems to be enough of it!

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