Bouquet of Flowers


Hello Everyone, hope you all are doing well and crafting away today.  I have a card to share with you, although it is a bit outside of my comfort zone because when it comes to more than 4 or 5 flowers I start to get flustered on how to arrange them but I will give it a try.

A friend asked me if I could make a card for her that had a big bouquet of flowers, and of course I had to give it a try.  Plus I had just received a heart doily from Cheery Lynn and ideas were running wild in my head although the anxiety of more than 5 flowers did worry me just a bit.

I tried not to make things line up (habits of a A personality with a compulsive disorder) because flowers don't line up in reality.  Anyway when I finished my friend was very pleased, while I couldn't say anything good about the card except that the heart doily was pretty and the inside was simple enough.

So now I will share with you, and you can give me your thoughts.  But don't be too cruel...I might just cry.  Any advice would be wonderful on how to make sure your flowers are arranged properly.  Do you guys look at pictures or does it just come naturally?  Let me know.

Of course I have to mention that my challenge is still open so if you haven't entered why not do so now... just click here.

This is all I have for today.  Hope to chat with you again real soon.



Jackie C said...

Superb, just wonderful xx

Beebeebabs said...


kiwimeskreations said...

Lesia this is absolutely gorgeous!! You so under rate yourself!! But I know what you mean about wanting to line things up :-)!!

Glenda Atkins said...

Gorgeous card, love the heart shape!

Selma said...

Wow, this is the most gorgeous card. Your arrangement of flowers is perfect. I like to make a lot of flowers then just start tucking them together and add leaves to fill in gaps. Looks like you did a perfect job. As I always say, there is no right or wrong when it comes to working with flowers!

Sheila H said...

Your flower arrangement is gorgeous, Lesia. You are far too hard on yourself. The card is perfectly beautiful.

msafrocentric2012 said...

That is very pretty

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