Double-Pocket Card (Inside Pockets)

First, gather your supplies ... You will need:
· Two stamped images (I have used Willow with Coffee to Go )
· Sentiment (I used General Sayings , Season's Greetings - frame )
· Two 12 x 12 sheets of card stock
· One sheet of coordinating cardstock for matting
· Patterned paper for your cover and card folder
· Ribbon
· Extra tack adhesive tape
· Scoring tool

Taking your first piece of 12 x 12 cardstock, score it in half at 6 inches

Turn this card stock 90 degrees and score it at 6.5 inches

Your cardstock sheet will look like this:

Fold the cardstock in half score at the 6 inch, and place this in your paper trimmer, and cut diagonally from the intersection back to score the corner edge of the cardstock of the shorter 1 5 / inch 2 section

When opened out, your cardstock should look like this with the two sections at the top rectangle measuring 6 x 6.5 inches and two triangle pieces at the bottom measuring 6 x 5 .5 inches

Apply some extra tack adhesive tape to the sides of the triangle ends

Magical Cut two tags from your coordinating cardstock and trim one of those tags about half way along. Then attach this tag to the edge of your right side rectangle section half way along the edge. I trim the edge so that it does not interfere with the card when it is inserted later on.

And then remove the tape backing from the adhesive tape and stick the triangle sections to the rectangle sections lining up your edges carefully 

Decorate the inside of your folder keeping in mind that you do not want it to be too bulky as you need to be able to insert your card and gift and close the folder

Then create a folder for your topper and decorate it making sure to attach your other Magical days to the side of the topper exactly in line with the tag below 

From you second sheet of card stock, cut it at 5 1 / 2 inches and score at 6 inches so you have a card measuring 5 1 / 2 x 6 inches that will fit neatly inside your folder. Decorate this card to match your folder cover, but again Ensuring that you do not have extra bulky embellishments that will hinder the folder closing neatly.

Stamp your "Seasons Greetings" frame onto white cardstock, add your sentiment than from your 'Sayings General "set and line up your guide to clear and mark the small dots, align the die and cut out your sentiment.

And here is the finished card and folder and the inside of the folder with some yummy goodies caffeine.

These folders so make cute covers for sending out to stash your crafty friends! I hope you find this tutorial useful and have a wonderful weekend!

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